Wrong Side of Right

Life without words is life without living
Life without feeling is life without meaning
Life with demons is the life I live
Praying for better days is like SWallowing a pill
I began to do it, but at the end it fails
Is life giving up on me?
It feels like I'm living in hell.

Where do I go when they tell me to leave?
I say God open the gates for me
I never meant any harm. Love is all I really needed
How are you doing today? Are you okay?
You look beautiful. I love you
Those are the words they needed to say
Words I needed to hear to get me through the day
At the end of the day I guess I'm okay
If okay means getting beat by the everyday.

All I wanted was something
Want and need are different
So did I want or need existence?
Act like I'm here
Show me that you care
I'm on the other side yelling let me in
I'm on the wrong side of right 
And life is just collapsing in.

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