Jesus walks in our shoes everyday and every night he blend in our spirit and lives in our hearts if we believe he never will depart from us. This world today going through disruption and great chaos. It’s is so much killing these days if it not by guns , it’s by vehicles and one percent of population uses knives. Again it’s starts with human race . We should feel disgrace.
Big corporations is closing down. At one time the government had to shut down cause we can’t reach agreement. So the people is now feeling how other people feels when they have nothing. No money to pay the bills which then people gives up the will power and that leads people to steals. Some people have to go somewhere to receive food without pay for it you might have stand in line wait for awhile , it is worth the wait. The unfortunate has to do this once month. This Nation is so confuse cause the way our leadership is. No good laws , no justice for all. We the people have to fight for our rights. We losing everyday we need to stop all the wrong in the world.
What will Jesus Do?
I think Jesus would fall on his knees and pray for all the people that has needs. He probably would say my Father please forgive these people they know not what they are doing. Show them the right path to go and those who in need let them the right path to go and those who in need let them follow Thee, I plea to you my Heavenly Father. Amen.
Then he would seek out the Nation where the bleak lives. Try to help and share his love so they will always ask from up above.
Get the people start caring for one another. Don’t wait for diseaster comes.
We always have needs everyday the first rule is Love one another.
Let’s come as one in unity. Let’s be free from all violence and bring love , kindness, joy to our world.
Help our leadership of our Nation start working together and agree with each other.
Stop punishing their people make us suffer cause they can’t get their way. We need to pray , everyday together in unity. So we can stay and be okay in our lives we live in the future.
Let our Heavenly Father lead us in the right path just believe so we receive the peace. Please let’s pray on our knees all the needs of the world. Let’s believe our prayer will be answer through our Heavenly Father and we will receive a blessing from Thee.

Written by
Patty Mansfield

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem cause all we are going through in this world today. We need come together in unity. Have something to believe in our Heavenly Father. So we become in peace within ourselves.