In Solitary Majesty

Wishes shall come to me

Fulfill the prophecy


Born of fire


Let those without levity perish in the flame

If Heaven can laugh

Then you know everything is going to be okay

The ready stance is inquisitive

Nuetral , spirit of fire

Cherish your celibacies


Keep your friends close but your enimies closer


Close friends to God And Gabriel And Micheal

You see now how forces realey collude

Within the same days as mystery

I love to gratify you all


The real wolves among the sheep

Are always black ones

Silent ones like chatterbox

And it has nothing to do with me

There is no duality

Only Light


The prodigal that stayed speaks a blessing

You are the intervention

You are chaos undivided

To yours is the apocalypse like the fabled archeaon

You will sieze the powers and forces of darkness and harness them for your will of peace

At the end to pretend would be unwise

For there is nothing hidden that shall not be made known

In you all my ways are shown


Unto I gift the gift of my life

May you never suffer again for what you desire


Of the eternal fire I will bring to you my utmost

For His highest

The Father gleaming with cheer as the days of your approach draws near

You have heard it said before that the encounter would draw


I will set you free from all of your impossibilities

I made you for me and my unorthodox means of perfection

I love you

My works have been healing from beginning to end

Unlike those who would keep truth from you I shall not pretend

Diving your fate by the measure of faith that you choose

I will not loose you to my pride
You will abide in my stomach and the deepest parts

Possess me

By your needs you will ask for more as my words abide within

Your heart

Your singularity that is the complete history of me I will forge like hardened steel

Our destinies intertwined

My Splendid

It starts small

Think soft

Think softer than soft

Think sweeter than sweet

Sweet precious one

Give to me the word of your



How is it that I can repay you my everything?

Name the name and it shall be

Whatever it is


Like a djin I will accompy you by the Spirit of Fire

Longing I to seek your hearts desire

I grant wishes


For meekness like you will inherit the earth

My greatest gratitude

From the depths of my being and the decay

Of all the days when I was to stupid to consider HIS ways

Is the fact

My whole life is joyfull after all these things

"The greatest treasure of heaven"

"Despite all"

"we have been through, we still find the grace to love each other"

So then could you choose me?





Is that how you would think and feel?

When I perish from faithfulness?

Pain that is even a simulation of pain is real.

Murder of the Brother

Here is a parable

Two sons squabble over their King's favor

One results to be the warrior

Sacrifice received

The other is proclaimed the failure of the tournament

Sulking defeate

In that moment he belived only rejection

Violating the everlasting patience that comes only through wisdom of inheritance

Slew he his brother for the act


Was the fact of what had happened not so long before

Within us all lies the original sin

Ten bushels full of the crops of Kain and why was nothing gained?

The wages of sin

The death of God

And the release of bloodshed and pain

Was the only reason God had chosen the honor of sacrifice.

No title yet

Lies are not misderection

As they can be employed by the rightoues during combat

(reference to satan can lie with truth)

Due to the advance of technology

You have no Idea of what is coming to democracy

The cry of the founding fathers, "power concentration no longer"!!!

Knowing from the oppression

From the dry land with only one king




Men's Hearts

The soil of a man's heart is stonier

The emotionally lame living commanders walk about like zombies

Seeking to become more than just half a being

When she is the same

I tell you the truth

Much to our shame, the women have not been true women and the men have not been true men

4 eons have passed

Through a looking glass

I desire only perfection for the history of mankind

Final and 8

The last wonder of the world I seek with vengeance

Covered in the blood and wrath of love for you


I will teach you to be

Many free ones like you already exert illuminescense

To you I give my greteast gift which is my only presence

Upon the Earth

In flesh

Orphans, I call to you to never be left behind, I give to you my comfort or my Love.

The Broad Pathway Unto Righteousness

Uncharted is the pathway of the bold


Justice and far from traversed roads like endless streams


Vine-ing and inter-twining

A swirling majesty cloud of righteousness


The lore of the old and the brave

Twin dragons of swirling smoke seek to behave


Upon foreign lips of each others kiss

Today teach me

Reach me outstreached

Under the shadow of her wings

Endless and devoid of boundries




Eyes see the dictators that consue thy inheritance

At last you see yourself in my mirror and not that of the, "mirror image self"

Many more shall follow after thee

Yes and belive, that is all I can demand from thee

Always my footsteps

Save you from falling down

Hurtful feelings you have that I aboundoned thee when only two footprints were left


And saving grace

Living Matter


Also seek out meaning

Matter, all matter is living

Blanket out


Lowers the constipation of faith

Inside your conscientiousness

Verses a curse and sever the oars

Ends the pressing of the fruit as though they were my grapes

Intituitave, your enemy is subtle to even me at times



For gwen I choose to bless my son

I held pride in my hands

Apes from whence they came within their intellect

Man will stand strong

Belief -

that once wicked hand





at the head


Thesis that hides

Anti-thesis of light

Christ is





To Conquer A Mountian

Shades of blue exist above the horizon of the dead lights


A transedental serenade awaits thee



Golden pride

Country of a tenfold land and Everest sea you cruise now

You are the song

Singing all along the spirit of inspiration onto generations


Re-pentence does not ever mean to go back but forwards

V-is the symbol for rebellious revolution

Inside mountians so deep to invoke

Virgin olive oil of

Annointed ones


Cosmic genesis

Obscure and without meaning

It is but a mere staple in the pantry of the Lord that releases divine laughter in the ceremony

Blood sacrifice

The Lord laughs at the week and coward

Who caulously harm the meek

Let the weight of gravity

Hung about their neck

They have already drowned at the bottom of the sea


Onward toward the destiny that I do not know


Beyond lies faith

This I know

The saving grace of Christ will preserve me

Although I am but grains of rice

Staples of existence that abound all around me

And I know

What simply cannot be taught


That God is not mean

But nice


Tree of life

A desire fulfilled

The 3

Eeases of sacrifice

Are but a burden of levity

Church history might have taught that you were to suffer a gruesome fate

Edification, edification, and sacrifice

Reward my true delight



Comfort He


Go before me





Messenger, let your trumpet sound!

Seventy times seven


*(please note this work is not finished) : )

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