Y am i so in love

Y am i so in love?
I can’t stop it
I keep falling harder and harder
Shes my lil dove
I’m upset with myself
No matter how hard i try I can’t stay mad at her
She holds my heart
I promised myself I wouldn’t give it to kno one
I was supposed to keep it locked away
But she picked the lock and snatched it out
Everything she does or say
Can affect me every type of way
Lately ive been feeling down
When i think of her i start to frown
Even though i feel sadness towards her
I still decide to keep loving her
Complete bull right
I just wanna be her light
Her happiness
I just wanna give her what she gives me
Do for her what she does for me
Easier said than done
Obviously thats just a wish
A hallucination
A dream
I wanna scream
What do you do when they dont feel the same
It puts u to shame
Ashamed of how much u loved dem
Ashamed of how u gave dem ur all
Ashamed of how u would move mountains or cross the whole constellation for dem
Just to have ur heart handed back to u broken into pieces
Now ur questioning life
U thought she was ur future wife
Is anything or anyone worth it anymore
All u wanted was her and only her
U shouldve kept ur feelings inside
That 8 lettered sentence can do 1 of to things
Feel u with joy and liveliness
Make u feel unwanted and pushed aside
I love you

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This poem is about the emotions you can feel for someone but the feelings might not be mutual and that can really make u feel bad.