My barbaric yawp: a cry for my sanity,
my beg for a break,
a plead to lift the boulder of responsibilities from my shoulders.
It's not a sweaty toothed mad man I'm worried about;
it's the pressure.
I yell as loud as my lungs will allow,
praying for someone to reduce the stress that buries me.
A yawp so great
it should be heard around the world.
But no one seems to hear,
no one reacts.
I walk into an unfamiliar crowd and let out my final yawp,
breaking down as people bustle pass.
I grab a nameless woman's shoulders and shake her,
hoping she'll notice my downward spiral.
But she is not phased, carrying on
while I fall to the ground behind her with tears in my eyes.
We all have our own internal yawps,
expressing our pain and stress.
Though it appears to be that no one notices,
no matter how desperate or how loud or how long we yell.
We wonder, why won't anyone hear our cries?
And the answer simply lies within human nature;
a self absorbed disposition that lies within us all.
They're busy consumed with their own yawp,
and wondering why theirs cannot be heard.

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