Yea Though I Walk

Every day is a new opportunity...
to create a better day than yesterday....
Also an opportunity to create worse.
Trying to stay focused on Faith as
I shape out my past in today's activities.
Faith gives me Hope
Where everything and everybody else
often fails.
Faith allows me to forgive.
Tomorrow is my "Lego" construction kit,
where today... I create my yesterday.
My actions are ordered by the Lord.
He leads me when the waters are not moving.
He restores my resolve
to keep on trying to create something beautiful,
something wonderful from inside me...
even when my frustrations would destroy
what the day has shaped.
He shows me how to be a good man.
Even when there is darkness and wrong doing all around me,
I just keep on being me.
He has placed His protections around me,
so that I can go anywhere.
I sit down and eat sometimes,
with people who hate me...
but my mind dwells upon peace and good tidings.
I have more blessings than I can hold.
When I look back over my days,
I expect to see good things...
more so than bad things following behind me.
And when there are no more tomorrows ahead of me,
and I have shaped the last of my yesterdays....
I will take that pause... to look around
that great and majestic dwelling place....
where forever and always,
there will only be.... today.

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