Yearning Lilly

By Rose   

Yearning Lilly

Claims of lost tapes
Ever green.
Unkept kitchen
Nailing secrets to your door frame
Kissing you awake
Two expressos
Silhouettes left untamed
She'll talk kindly to your plants before she goes
Always seductive longing to misbehave
Leaving you in tack
Your psychic dreams of her are seeds to remain
She's a pistol
She's your moon
Her DNA is littered in your house
No amount of bleach could remove this emotional stain
You both drove aimlessly
Homeless man dictating direction
Coerced to buy his baggies of
fake cocaine
All the hype
We snorted soon realizing no ones getting high
Shame ...
zig zagging towards the dark
A hand to hold
Dilated pupils
Words misnamed
A hysterical possum zips by
Lucky for him
He wasn't defamed

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