Yearning You

I want to kiss you every time your eyes stare into my soul.
But I have to protect my heart from breaking again like in the past.
So I pretend that my feelings faded into the darkness of my mind.
Yet any one can see just how much you make me swoon from the sound of your name.

I want to be near you each time you're around me.
But I have to act like you annoy me; keep my reputation intact.
Yet you can see through my facade as I smile in your direction.
Except you still choose to keep distant instead of closing the gap.

We keep going back and forth in this cat and mouse game we play.
Since one moment we're the best of friends and the next mortal enemies.
Feelings colliding with each other yet somehow could never intertwine.
Could never find ourselves on the same page even when we try to align.

I want to be your true love within this life, this is my truth.
And you want to see what kind of outcome we'd have if given the chance.
Yet we're both scared little boys to make the next big step in this life.
So we keep missing the perfect opportunity to write our grand love story.

I want to kiss you every time you stare into my eyes.
I want to be near you every time you're around me.
But I'll have to continue to live with these feelings deep inside,
As they slowly consume what sanity I have left from this broken heart...

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Yearning for a crush.