Years have past
Too much to count
They went too fast
I still scream and shout.

When i fell,l i felt so alone
I look back, i was on my own
I found my home, the tombstone
I used to moan and moan.

I heard the echo of an unknown voice
It felt nostalgic i know that noise
Wasnt it time for me to rejoice?
No, It wasnt my choice.

I look back and feel so naive
Im in denial i couldnt believe;
One thing i lost and couldnt retrieve
Not finding the lonely thief.

I look back and laugh i was so cold
I thought i was the story untold
But days past, i grew too old
But the memories i still hold.

I used to cry for days and days
Like the only one in this phase
But now it stopped with no trace
Although im still in the same place.

I couldnt see the silhouettes
People burning like cigarettes
Parade of shadows following to my death
As i whispered underneath my breath:

"Why doesn't anyone feel me
And when i cry why dont you hear me"
Child if i could tell you not to worry
If i could just tell you sorry

If i could hold you in my arms
And do you no harm
If i told you, you werent alone
More of you in the zone

I realize now a little too late
This world is full of hate
The hatred of our kind, the hatred of our kin
But the hatred of ourselves will always win

A lying beast
Ten faced at the very least
Were all the same, on this ride
Put on a mask, then run to hide

Our souls are gone, somewhere to reside
Left by the sinners side
We all walked the same rail
And share the same tail

Fall in this endless maze
Where non found where the end lays
We cause our own harm
Without any alarm

Were sucked in this world of suffer
Like lifes on buffer
But ive grown child, and your not alone
Youre not on your own

This is a game played by plenty
Your hearts seem so empty
But together you can win
One way out, and one way in

Ive grown, son, but still lost on the street
But ill do it, never accept defeat
So dont cry and fall to misery
When i reright history

Years have past
Too much to count
But the days didnt last
When i used to scream and shout

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This Poems Story

An old man is comforting his past self.