Years Unrequited

Even if I think of you
I know you’re not mine.
Even if I tell you I love you--
no matter your response I will be "fine".

When you say things about others
my heart may swell.
I know not to blame you it’s my fault I fell.

To hold onto these feelings--
I know I won't let go,
And through these tears, I smile.
So, that my sorrow won't show.

The more you mention how we will never be,
I just keep in my mind this fairytale dream.

The happily ever after’s and the many following years.
The things that are so far away
Made even more unclear by my tears.

Drown it out
So that I don't hear.
Make it unrealistic
To pass facing this fear.

Once again did I choose my path
The one that I always regret.
Because I will leave no prints
And in the future, you will forget.

This girl who told you one day out of the blue.
"I know you don't love me but, I love you."

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