A girl at one
is living with no worries.
A girl at two
has no problems and is just growing, no hurry.
A girl at three
is finally growing.
A girl at four
must start knowing
math,science,reading and more but still no fear showing.
A girl at five
must make friends
and to her luck a girl befriends
anothergirl who's age depends.
A girl at six
feels peer pressure
so to abe cool the truth is lesser.
A girl at seven
must start anew
so she does what any seven year old would do,
pack up, move on and meet new girls to talk to.
A girl at eight
finds her passion,
she wanted to make her stories happen.
A girl at nine
grows intelligent
and gave her future great intent,
a writer was her new obsession and she remained unbent.
A girl at ten
makes new friends,
who lead her into decent
with swearing, drama, bullying, inssecurity and regret.
A girl of eleven
is excited to start brand new
but in junior high your mistakes follow you.
A girl of twelve
starts to change
and nothing could prepare her for her fate.
A girl of twelve
bounces between friends,
because she wasn't a charasmatic girl in the end.
A girl of twelve
falls for a boy,
charming on the outside but on the inside just a ploy.
A girl of twelve
faces pressure
to be someone else for other's pleasure.
A girl of twelve
wants to change her face
and even her mother's warm embrace
can't convince her she can't be replaced.
A girl of twelve
has her first boyfriend,
and it wasn't someone her mother would recomend.
A girl of twelve
had her first kiss
to a boy who didn't respect this.
A girl of twelve
had her first heartbreak
and she found her true friends who made her feel great.
A girl of twelve
has changed so much
and who she is is out of clutch
but when she's grown
she'll look back and blush
for these were the years she truly grew up.

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