Yellow Caution Tape

In these dreams I'm down on my knees
The background is dark and the surroundings all freeze.
I only notice you, that withered look on your face.
I know you always forgive me, this time that's not the case.

Behind this yellow caution tape, my demons wait with hunger.
They haunt my every move, begging me to join in endless slumber.

In that hospital room, your crippled body in a cast.
Every day I watch this scene from the day that was your last.
And when we laid you down to rest, these thoughts still cloud my mind,
As your heart lies beating in my chest, the one thing you left behind.

Still beyond that yellow caution tape, you taunt me to your tomb.
You want revenge for the day I left you in that room.
Your ghost will never see that when I left you were awake,
Yet every day I'm haunted by my first and last mistake.

Under all this mist and beneath the crowded moon,
Lies my perfect angel who was taken much too soon.

So I'll cross that yellow caution tape, I'll linger in the air,
Reminding you that through it all, you're with me in my prayers.

Now, I'll carry all your secrets, I will take them to my grave,
Knowing that for someone you were an angel sent to save.
The next time I return here, I promise I will stay,
Beneath the crowded moon, with you, I'll always lay.

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