Yellow, Sweet, and Sad

At the bottom of my cup,
where tea leaves once formed messages
foretelling the future
in days before tissue paper teabags,
lies my yellow lemon wedge
with its pale buds of juice
like teardrops cowering in coarse, abused skin.
What message do these teardrops hold for me?
The flavor they impart is sour
mingled with the taste of sugary, amber brew,
bringing back long-forgotten nights
with good friends and happy, nostalgic songs
that left our hearts light and carefree.
How I love the taste,
the jubilance of this warm, wild juice,
a sunny, yellow remnant of the past.

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This Poems Story

I am grateful to have my poem published here. I began writing poetry in high school, in an honors English class, at the age of sixteen. Three years ago, I joined a weekly poetry workshop for seniors. "Yellow, Sweet, and Sad" was written for the workshop, when we explored the use of color in poetry. It is the third poem I have had published out of three submissions. Being a tea drinker, I actually contemplated my used lemon wedge for inspiration. Just as there are method actors, I must be a method poet.