Yesterday, Tomorrow and Now

Today I met Mr. Yesterday,
Regret scarred face; deep wrinkles, dark lines etched on weathered skin,
Rotted spotted clothing draped over a bony back, bent from years of carrying fear and guilt,

Held out to me a single twisted filthy hand, a dirty claw, encouraged to walk back, but I did not respond,

Two arms thin; impossibly long, reached to embrace in a hug, but I turned away, not to be shackled to my old man,
No longer do I look for Mr. Yesterday.

Today I met Mr. Tomorrow
A cynical grin; lips stretched thin over gleaming white perfect teeth,
Perfect clothes, a nice suit on a straight figure, while judging my lack in the now,

A fancy gloved hand points ahead in the clouds, promising tomorrow is always better,

I could not see so I turned away and said, "My now is better than your then,"
No longer do I walk with Mr. Tomorrow.

Today I met Mr. Now
He's my dear friend who never grows old,
He neither lives in the past where problems lurk and bite,
Nor does he live in the future where imaginary glories run wild and tomorrow never comes,

Yes, I do prefer the company of Mr. Now, for with him I can live and grow and love, free from yesterday and tomorrow.

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