Yet to See!

Lil'll man keep fighting battles
But within himself lies the concealed enemy
many Beings refuse to separate from wrongdoings
but until they do,they'll discover with Almighty Jah no Guilty will ever go free.
So let's lose all the arrogance,envy and jealousy
and by no means will We skip the pride
remember the truth is here to rescue the willing,sick and oppressed
Yes,all who chose right and Almighty Jah they never denied.
All firm and loyal We must move straight ahead forward
for there's an end to all fun and worldly games
Yes,it is less work when idols are chosen
But You will return to the Almighty with no new Life to claim.
In this Life that a great many are wasting
it shall Be sooner than most will have expected
We know firsthand there is no help or safety
No,not when it's the Almighty Jah this world has rejected
so remember,when the world's ways are mired deep in sin
it will truly pay for Everyone who refused its offer
None can honestly expect a pleasing reward
when most of their Lives were lived false and as scoffers.
Oh man,will You ever deeply consider?
when Jah requires Beings to Be clean this is what they must Be
so All must cease from this saying We were blind
for Almighty Jah is Here but most have Yet to See! Amen

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