Don't you understand why I scratch and silently scream?
Don't you understand why I hurt myself time and time again?
It's because I'm sick and depressed,nothing but darkness in my head.
I hurt myself so I don't hurt you,I don't want to take a friend.

I'm dangerous and scared,so confusing and so fucking desperate.
I'm just a lost,small child in everyone's eyes and it's getting so hard to breathe.
No more promises,no more chances,no more pretending like life is adequate.
I can't take it anymore,the dangerous duo has come to play,and they want to play with me.

You don't say a word to me and yet you know all about how I'm feeling?
You don't know that I'm locked inside my head but yet you're able to tell me how I can control myself?
Don't you know that it's nothing but darkness and hatred that I'm seeing?
All I want is for someone to love me,all I want is some love and some help.

All you do is tell me how terrible I am,that all I do is hold you hostage.
All you do is point out everything I'm not doing right,I'm always wrong for something.
Can't you see how fucking terrified I am,that none of this was my fault?
You are the reason I am like this and you are the reason my heart stings.

No more,from now on I am now by myself in all of this.
I didn't ask for your help,I didn't ask for you to do anything for me.
All you do is provide me with things so you have ammo to throw it in my face and it makes me sick.
I need some room to fucking be alone,I need some room to fucking breathe so get the hell off me.

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