My eyes are blinded by the truth

That I am in love with a person like you

My heart is shouting in vain,

Don’t leave me please!

I demand you remain

Stay with me,

Forever and eternally

I am tied to you with a smile so bright

Fearlessly watching the sparks fly

Each second we’re together it ignites

Lighting up the dark night sky

And your scent has stayed wherever I go

I can smell it,

The feeling is weird

Do you feel it too?

Am I too weird for you?

I get goosebumps whenever I sense it

Your presence is always a longing

And your silhouette, lingering

And I can’t dismiss it,

Nor ignore it

Because it’s such a sweet breach

That makes me miss you each day

So each night I always pray

That you will come to me and forever stay.

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