You, the only thing I think about at night
you, the only topic I bring up in conversations
you, (pause) you made me feel love the way no one else has
you, (pause) you also made me hurt the way no one else has
you made me angry, sad, and hateful
I cried for days on end because of ..... of you
you, the one that taught me some love is not forever
you, the one that taught me that relationships are a two-way street you,
you are the topic I bring up when people asked me how I learned to love
you are the one that showed me I have to fight for myself and what I believe in
because people will tear it down
you, ( pause) you are the one that tore me down
you are the one I cried over
I, (pause) I am the one who overcame it all
I am the one that learned to love myself and others
I am no longer the one cries at night alone, but the one that works through the tears because I know that you have to fight for what you believe in and well
I believe
I believe in myself

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This Poems Story

I am getting over a break-up and this is me overcoming it.