When I need you at 2am with tears rolling down my cheeks and yet another problem to let go.
Are you gonna be there?
Are you gonna stick to your word or would you rather let it go?
I’ll tell you this now, i’d drop the world for you
Move mountains for you
Be there for you even when I know you wouldn’t be

What else can I do?
I tell you you’ll get tired of me
Because i’m not your first priority
nor will I ever be
I tell you that eventually everyone leaves
It’s just the way things go for me
You don’t listen
I know because your only reply is “Nah”

We move on cause you can’t handle this
I tell you how I feel and your only answer is “I know”
I have shared the greatest moments of my life with you
In those moments I have found that I would ride or die for you
You have given me life back but you also keep taking from the heart that beats for you
It’s like a drum roll just for you

You became my whole life
No, you don’t see it
And you probably never will
You make me laugh and on occasion you make me cry
And sometimes i end up asking myself why
Every time i remind myself of every crime

I push back the pain you put me through
Just so then I can be there for you
You told me you’d always have my back
Yeah, I've heard it before, that’s why i’m insecure
We all know you’ve seen me like this for sure
We all know I've written this before
But never about you

You’re supposed to be my strong suit
But where were you when I needed you?
Oh yeah, that’s right
You weren’t there
I know i’m just the best friend
But we made a promise to each other when we fit that shoe
I’d ride with you, i’d die with you
I guarantee no one else would fight for you
I got all sides for you
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you

You have this control over me
This looming power that no one can nab
This frustration over flows in me
Trying to figure out what is wrong with me
Because something's gone in me
And I feel like it could be my sanity
Would you check for me?

Wait, no please don’t
I couldn’t stand to hear another note
Of your voice echoing in my brain
Hell, it will only bring more pain
What’s it worth to you anyway?
Mind as well just go away…
No one’ll notice, no matter what I say

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