The way you taste seams off, which dosent satisfy me the way you always would’ve
Your there whenever I need you
I sometimes have to travel to get your attention, to let you know I want you
I may have to go outside but I don’t mind as long as your in my head and I know I can have you
People around us stare
They don’t appreciate your aroma as I do
But they do not know you fully, they are only receiving the part I breathe out into my words.
They are only getting what’s comes from deep inside me, things that have filtered through me but did not directly affect them
Some disagree with our relationship, I understand where they come from
Being with you ends bad, there is not a happy ending
They know you will hurt me and them. I choose to not listen because I cannot get enough of you
Most are in the same situation, we all have our different ways of finding you
And we all have different ages we approached you
Now they have there preference of you
And I have mine
It’s okay to be different
If you would like to share yours I won’t tell mine
We will laugh it off and share a memory
But most of all you shared yours so I shall return the favor
In this delicate world all I cared about was you
I may go behind your back and get off with others
But just know I will always be back for you
I cannot live without you by my side

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