You are my biggest fear and my greatest strength
You are my worst enemy and my best friend
You make me love life and you make me want to die
You are the sole reason I smile and the one who makes me cry
You keep me in absolute darkness and you show me the light.
You disarm me of all my confidence and you ask me to fight
You dictate my stupidity and request my prudence
You gift me with your memories and curse me with your absence
You are my sense of freedom and you put me under siege
You dig me outta the ground and you bury me underneath
You made me the optimist dat I am and the pessimist I don't want to be
You show me the ray of hope and all that I don't wish to see
You are my inspiration to work and my excuse for being lazy
You make me see things clearly and make my thoughts hazy
You are the only truth and the core of a million lies
You are the victory of will and the defeat of choice
You are the essence of life and an invitation to death
You rule the chillness in my spine and the warmth of my breath
You make me lose sight of life and so much more aware
You keep me paranoid and make me do all that I wouldn’t dare 
You are everything that is right and anything wrong
You make my life beautifully short and ever so insanely long

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