Have I seen this other side?
I cannot imagine nor can I hide
I met you and the funnny thing
is that I didn't know you or what to say
but you made me laugh with your crazy ways.
Did I ever imagine you in this way?
Would I ever know we would be this close?
Not one friend I let in but do you know
how I think about you wherever I go.
I miss you always and sometimes it's weird!
I love you like a sister, get mad at you like one, too.
But do you know, this is all so new?
You are my best friend whether I admit it or not
I have always hid my feelings, not wanting to be soft.
There is no other reason you were put into my life
but to help me grow and to make bad things right.
To forgive and forget, to love without shame
to have another woman to talk to because with others
it's not the same.
Some days I may be close, some days I may want space
but I want you to know that there is not a day
I can think of my life without you, no, not one
I will love you forever
till our days are done.

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