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With you it was different
All you wanted was to hear my words just to listen
With you my heart beats at a faster speed
The love I had for you still has a presence indeed
Last time I seen you I havent stop thinking about what woulda been
What shoulda been, I really should-have-been more considerate.
To how you was feeling and the shit you was dealing with
My bad papa but believe me when I say
I wish I could rewind back time to that day
Tell you I just wanted to put the past away
An you tell me everything is gonna be okay
It ain't work out that way, and that's not only my fault to blame.
I gave you chances to let you get to know the woman I became
Catch myself thinking of you in the middle of my day
I tried forgetting you, tried moving on
Cause I understood why everything went wrong
You weren't around
You didn't really hold me down
Even though I did, when you had me looking like a clown
Still I'm torn, my heart is tired and worn
With you I wanted our first born
But I guess we were just highschool sweethearts
Fun in the day love in the dark
I loved our walks in the Pro Park
Maybe we'll meet again
Hopefully you still have that spark.

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