When I first saw you I didn't know what to do
I stood there and looked at you
Nothing sparked , there were no fireworks
I didn't even think once about it , or even twice
Too be honest I thought you were a jerk
As time went by, are friendship began to bloom
Thats when I began to realize that I liked you
We talked a lot but it still didn't seem like enough
When I was around you it just felt right
I just wanted to stay in the moment and never let it go away
Summer is here now I'm here with out you
Even thought you don't think about me , I still think about you
All the times you kept my heart beating
Or just making me laugh
How I was so happy , then the time began to slip
I wish it was all the same , but its not
You have my heart , but I'm pretty sure its lost
Your with her , honestly you deserve much better
I guess its perfect time for this weather
It's Fall and Im falling , falling to the ground
I thought you would catch me , but your no where to be found

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