Heaven's doors were opened,
When you were born.
To announce the special occasion, a trumpet was blown.
The angel bowed, The demons screamed,
The prophecy completed,
The arrival of the one, that was ordained.
The balance of good and evil,
Tilted towards good,
The animals sang and howled,
From within the woods.
We were all given the ability,
To choose from right and wrong,
You were born perfect,
An angel born.
Who's sight for which,
We were all unfit.
Made for heaven,
But for this world meant,
Way too perfect,
For a world so crooked and bent.
This I want you remember,
For the demons greatly outnumber the angels.
And they will bring nothing but hate to you,
But through their deceptions,
You have to remember to be true,
Be the only thing you'll ever need to be,
Be you.
Just be you!

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