It's a crazy world that we live in,
But all that matters is you and I.
Smile, Honey, because it isn't a sin,
And we only have so much time.
With your bright blue eyes,
And your smooth blonde hair--
You're the perfect summer sky,
You are my only prayer.
Your glowing skin,
The flawless face between your cheeks:
The most beautiful thing that's ever been,
You truly are the most mystique.
You are most precious to me,
You're what I want most.
You're more amazing than the sea,
From the darkest depths to the coast.
I don't know how to love you,
I don't know how to lose you.
You make everything seem so new;
All changed in me the day I met you.
If I lose you like the others, I'll never move on;
I tried not to fall again, but I'm tired of being strong.
Can't know what I've been through; what's going on,
Baby, I've been hurting for far too long.
You make me smile and it's no wonder why.
For you, Sweetheart, I'd bleed; I'd die.
After everything, don't worry; don't cry,
You're my angel, so please save me tonight.

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