You are not appearance, you are not age,
you are not gender, and you are not a name,
you are not the clothes you wear, the car you drive,
nor the size of your house;
then who are you?
could you be the song you play over and over again,
as you fall asleep?
could you be your most beloved book's protagonist?
your favorite color?
or your most desired adventure?
or maybe you're your childhood comic book,
most overused recipe, your favorite polaroid,
or that one ice cream flavor that you always get;
and everyone knows you will always be,
the people whom you surround yourself with;
but you sure as hell aren't yesterday,
nor the day before;
you are today, and you are tomorrow;
but tomorrow you will not be today,
because tomorrow an old sun rises and a new sun set sets,
and in that tomorrow, as the sun is changing, so are you;
and you will discover a new song, a new book,
a new adventure, a new recipe,
and a new memory,
and you will understand that you are not an appearance,
and you are not just a name;
you are what makes you;
and every new entity and corporeality you encounter,
will truly,
make you.

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