You a Christian, But a Coward

You in a bubble scared to go beyond the steeple,
Outside a warzone filed with physically and spiritually dead people.
Real Jesus and disciples weren't scared to go into the trenches,
Y'all quick to take a shot but glued to the benches.
Trying not to alienate people and cool with your position
Don't love on people more in love with material acquisitions
Admit it we dropped the ball and carried it only for ourselves
People throw Bibles in the trash or they got dust upon the shelves
Quiet on racial and social inequality
Quick to alienate gays and others what frivolity
Searching for miracles signs when you don't know the hour
More concerned with the preservation money and the power
Its 24, and not the show with Jack Bower
Yes your a Christian, but also a coward
Can't be scared your whole life...

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