You and I

It's I breathe you fill my chest
And I exhale you in a billow of smoke
But I quickly suck back in lest
I allow you to be someone else's second hand smoke
Cause you're the type of special that will contaminate someone's lungs
Until they bottle you up and drink you
at every meal
Laying around all out strung
It's I think and you dance through my head
and I quickly close my lips
So that you don't wander into another instead
Cause youre the type of special that tips
Someone overboard
Sinking, being pulled by your magnetism
Spending all the breathe they can afford
Trying to figure out you, the multifaceted prism
It's I close my eyes and you smile at me
And I blink
so others can't be entranced by you
Cause you're the type of special
That blinds people to the other world wonders of few
Cause what's the point of color if not under your sparkling spell
Etching the lines of you anew
It's I reach out and you jump out of my hands
And I quickly clasp you
So no one can know that you can be caught
Because you're the type of special
That stokes the heart of ice until it's hot
Aflame with your laughter as it's fuel
Growing ever brighter
Till you burn down the furnace that was once cool.
Anyone that feels the heat shouting lighter
It's I listen and you whisper in my ear
And I quickly cup them with my hands
So that the I love yous may fall asleep in
Cause you're the type of special
That makes those three words not sound overused
And I wonder how you could make them sound so new, finally clear

It's you and I
And no

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