You And Me

I am as mad as an old wet hen
I'm mad at Clay, I'm mad at Ken
Clay can't even carry a case of cokes
And Ken keeps kernels of corn in his coat
To feed to his mean ole Billy goat
I kid you not they are so absurd
They get on my everlasting nerve
See Ken is a bird without a clue
And Clay is a herd who don't know what to do
I asked Clay one rainy day why he acts the way he does
He sang like a bee and began to buzz
So I hit him and knocked him out
Smack dab in the middle of his head
But I cried cause I thought I had killed him dead
Oh I didn't and when he came to
He hit me so hard that I turned blue
I learned my lesson on that day
Now pay attention to what I have to say
People can be what they want to be
And people can do what they want to do
Let me be me and you be you

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