You And Me

Two hours of sleep,
Barely aware
Of the world that’s rushing
Without care
Releasing any chemical
Into the air,
To the ecosystem,
This isn't fair

But that’s not what matters,
What matters is just you and me.
But even that has faded away
Because I can imagine what my future grandchildren might say

“Grandmother, why can’t I go outside?”
They’d say as I would look down and sigh
“My generation raised a bunch of ignorant people who only care about themselves,
And they do not care about anything besides what they sell,”
This is what I’d have to whisper
And I’d have to hear my grandchild whimper,

Respect was gone along with our security,
Because we only cared about you and me
Caring about each other
Is not enough
Not enough for the heart of evil
The heart of the rough
We need to come together
And prepare for what the future beholds
But again, it’s another secret that’ll be left untold,
Lost against the empty grey sky,
That like us, can no longer cry.

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