You and Me, the Beginning

An invitation started it all
With the first kiss, I started to fall
Through the night we laughed, we joked, we smiled
Happiness that I hadn't felt in a while
The night was getting late, time to go home
But neither one of us were ready to be alone
So we got in our cars, headed over to my place
Laid there for a while and carressed your face
We let our bodies take over, passion intensified
Unfortunately the night ended, having to say goodbye
But we didnt stop at that night, decided to have some fun
Not really knowing what has just begun
Every day after that i saw you, happiness returned
With every look in your eyes, I knew it was you I yearned
Our love is something special, it can't be replaced
I feel it when we're together, bodies embraced
You've become the reason I dream, reason I smile
Makes everything we're doing, feel worthwhile
You've become my lover, and my best friend
Thinking of you is how my days begin and end
We're at a point now, we don't know which path we'll go down
But for now I'm enjoying every moment you're around
The future will show us where we will end
Just know I love you now, and I'll love you then

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