You Are

You are the tones and the sirens,
the 24-hour shifts and a cup of coffee.
You are the house on fire and
the code on the street.
You are the thank yous and handshakes,
the many lives saved.
You are the disappearance in the blink of an eye,
the hero and the help.
You are not the 4:00 a.m. phone call or
2:00 a.m. lift assist on repeat.
You are the reason I am me.
I am an eager welcome and your biggest fan,
the moment on hold and a sleepless night.
I am the last shot of crown and a frozen bottle of wine,
breakfast on the table and no known lost time.
I am the melody to your favorite song,
and the warmth of the sun.
You are boots by the door and your coat on the hook,
the radio by your bed and the pager on your belt.
I am the moment on hold and an eager welcome,
your biggest fan.

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