You are a creator, dammit!

Her bulletin board read trim the garden
With nature goggles, you could see the moss covering her face
It hung below her chin with grace
Her bulletin board read enjoy the beauty
With the right perspective, you could see the underlying causes
Her mind was so ugly, the beauty she tried beholding
Her bulletin board read live life with the little things
With focus, you could make a big difference
Her mind filled itself with other thoughts
Her bulletin board read trust to love again
With growth, you could learn to face your past’s pain
Her mind found that agonizing
Her bulletin board read listen to me & do the work
So the woman grabbed a pair of scissors
She turned the moss into something beautiful
With art all over her face, she stood in front of a blue background
The moss looked greener than ever when she went into profile
She set the camera up to take her portrait
She wanted to capture the growth of herself
She was ready to see results
She was ready to be painted as someone heroic
The truth was she was just following instructions
Every human has one’s own heroic production
She stood there not as herself insistently
I don’t stand here as a survivor, nor a victim
I will be painted as a creator, dammit

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