You Are Beautiful

he can't see, he is blind
you are beautiful, you are kind
your heart is light, your love is pure
so why can't he love anymore?
He is selfish, he is brute
you are gentle, you are cute
your mind can't take it anymore
he can't have you, you're too much
you are loved and not alone
your hands are always intertwined with others
but that's okay; you are sad, but that will fade in time
you're not his yin, nor he your yang
your love will not be too much for the one
hearts will hurt, eyes will bleed
don't give up, dear, just 'cause he can't see
your love is strong, your heart is pure
if he can't stand it, he's not strong
every woman needs a man that can be
your Adam, while you're his Eve
you need better, so don't look back-only ahead
for he is not your Adam or yin, nor is he using his head
for he is not a man; he is boy
I can see you happy with a man
for he is your Adam and your yin
and you are his Eve and his yang
so don't be blind like him
smile, and don't let go of hope
people love you and will help you up
take the chance, and you will see
you are truly beautiful, indeed

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