You are blessed with psoriasis

I don’t know how to start,
But it’s sure the secret won’t let us part...
You are attractive to me,
With every mark that’s free.
Which I never noticed or bothered about,
Just coz I was lost in you and your soul.
You are a warrior sweetheart,
And I won’t leave u till the world apart.
I know facing, hiding, lying, and avoiding is not easy,
Thank you for staying strong .
The things you are afraid from more and more,
Are the ones I would love to explore.
All fears and insecurities we will blew,
And embrace the story of real you.
You wanted to gift me a chocolate on my birthday ,right?
Just coz it’s my favourite and makes my day bright...
But now the chocolate must know,
Competition like you will make it blow.
You and chocolate are moreover same,
Capturing my favourites in a single frame.
Your body has ridges and bump,
But I would grab this bubbly with a jump.
Pigments and variations are all around your skin,
White and dark chocolates are even not twin.
I know your skin has a lot more textures than mine,
But in sales snickers always shine.
Your skin is not that smooth,
Not every silk is good for your tooth.
Why do u think of covering up yourself?
Chocolate’s wrapper is to be removed by oneself.
In all that you have and lack,
5 stars are in your backpack.
But love,
You need to know,
You are the most handsome one,
And your story is the most beautiful one that I have ever read,
You have to take care of your self esteem,
And remember that we are a team.
People will go below the belt,
But u need not feel what you felt.
You deal flaky, dry and inflamed body,
And there’s a salute for you from everybody.
Sometimes it would be hard to hide,
But I know your heart is wide.
Thank you for sharing a part of you with me,
I feel blessed to be part of your story by the....

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