You Are Him

Love shouldn't be about who could hurt who first,
Or who could hurt who the worst,
Make me feel so low,
Slum of the earth you are,Him
The guy they told me to look out for,
The one never satisfied and always wanting more,You areHim
The one with empty promises going nowhere,
Mama said he's no good and where you found him,
You should've left him there.And I should've listened,
But he had my brain so unfocused that I couldn't pay attention,
Not to mention the lies from day one until now,
He managed to make me believe in him
And somehow I fell,I fell harder than ever,
You're a master manipulator, yet so clever,
Made me feel my highest of highs and the pitfalls of my lows,
You managed to stop loving me while my love for still grows,
I guess this is what I get for believing in love,
How foolish of me when the only man I should love is above,
And how could I give my heart to you when I'm knowing your past,
This should have never started,When I knew it wouldn't last.
Foolish of me to think I deserved love,
When my soul is not at one with him who is above,
I never had no one to teach me what it really looked like,
You know the so called "unconditional love"
I've seen love work then pause, stop, you can't play with love
I feel real crazy, I've turned into a real bitter woman
Ladies if you ever meet this thing called love, proceed to running,
He's not who he pretends to be
This so called love was never a friend to me

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