You Are Not Alone

You hide behind a "thank you shield" and mask of confidence
so that the world will never see
the torment your soul is racked with.
They see your smile, so timid and gentle voice, so kind.
They don't realize deep inside you, there are voices in your mind.
You hold a gleaming silver sword and gauntlets on your arms
To hide the words of hatred pure and fresh, new battle scars.
You're longing for a sweet escape from the cruelties of our world
And build up walls to hide yourself from pains and hurt untold.
Now here I am right at the base and long to enter in
to hold you close and whisper sweet that you are not alone.
You're important. You are worth it.
You are loved more than you know.
I'm right here, right beside you. I won't leave you alone.
You mean the world to me and I would miss you if you left.
Please, let yourself feel peace my love.
Don't give in to the trap.
Yes, you've stumbled. I know you have.
That doesn't mean you're weak or less than worthy of the blessings
for which your aching soul doth seek.
Hold on a little longer; give up the ball and chain.
Lift up your eyes and free yourself from all your inside pain.
Now dry your tears, close your eyes, read these words and know
I'm always right beside you, love.
You are not alone.

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