You Are Not Immortal

In life you are not immortal,
there is no switch or portal,
events in life can be accidental, incidental, fatal.
Lists of life can run miles long,
so come along,
and be strong.
It's never just that easy,
most people have pictures in their head of their fantasy.
They envision the perfect life,
dreams, goals, happy future,
never thinking this would happen in life.
Such discontent,
an angel living with a soul of deep depression,
a heavy heart with the biggest smile.
No human being deserves that kind of daily torment,
sometimes the thoughts of the mind are mentally draining,
the deepest heaviest tears are staining,
self-worth, motivation, losses, are all so constraining.
Some people can't stop drowning,
it's depressing when you take a deeper look,
trying to understand someone's pain,
they've completely let their dark thoughts drown out everything,
it's hard to process they've said good-bye.

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