You Are the One

You are the one that I've always wanted.
The girl that's always there someone.
People should never take you for granted,
For all you want is to love this "someone."

You are the one who's always been there for "someone" since Day One;
Who stood up for this "someone" and showed nothing but love.
Don't ever change yourself to please anyone,
But instead, show them who you are and never be afraid to love.

You are the only one that's on my mind;
24/7 you always make me smile.
Someday, one day, I will be blind,
But always remember that you're always in my mind.

You are the girl who knows what I like,
The girl who never fails to surprise me any day or night.
You are this someone who I can rely on too,
And will always know what's the right thing to do.

Loving someone has never been easy,
'Cause happiness and sadness will make you go crazy.
When you're loving someone, you've got to take risks and see,
'Cause all you've got to do is make love and let it be.

Look around you and try to appreciate what you have,
'Cause one day, you might wonder why you've lost what you have had.

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This Poems Story

A happy-go-lucky guy inspired by a sophisticated, beautiful, and kind-hearted woman from Canada. Her initials are KEUL. In a quiet place by the bay in Hamilton, Ontario, watching the geese swim across the lake, the swans peck the sand, and the sun as it sets down. Being blessed with a beautiful girlfriend in my life has led me to write a poem about her--a poem that speaks for my sincere feelings, a poem that radiates the emotions I feel for this wonderful woman. I'm just a simple guy who goes to McMaster University and procrastinates by writing poems.