You Are What Inspires Me

Words they can say a lot, open up to other thoughts
With the words I write you, I encourage, they will ignite you,
Look around and you will see that you are what inspires me.
Often we don’t talk about the ones unable to stand up and shout
But I guarantee there are words in the ones we do not see,
the leaders that stand in front of me, in front of you, in front of us they are the ones we may not trust.
The ones who continue to fall because no one helps them to stand tall.
The ones who lie there cry there sigh there.
The ones who are motionless, filled with hopelessness.
The ones who are broken forced to remain unspoken.
The ones who are shy but what they say is no lie.
The ones who stumble and in the end refuse to crumble.
The ones who are quiet or the ones who refuse to be silent.
Whether in a bed, imprisoned in their mocking head, whether small, tall, loud, proud
You are what inspires me, the strength we cannot see is what inspires me, because our purpose has yet to reach the surface every obstacle you face there is not one leader left untraced,
You, you are with me, lead me, guide me, because with you what I see are all the leaders that stand in front of me.

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This Poems Story

I recently entered this in another contest. I was just thinking about all of the people who don’t get any credit. I was motivated by the thought that we often complain about having to walk a few feet when there are people who can’t walk at all. They inspire to do everything to the best of my ability.