You Are What You Eat

They say write about what you know
I know that our lives are doused in chemicals
that we can't even pronounce
People will tell me that I should be grateful
because there are those who have so much less
But why should I be grateful
when the things I'm being told to be thankful for
are poisoning me instead
Azodicarbonamide (A-zo-die-car-Bon-I-mide)
also used in yoga mats
restricted in 2014 taken from subways bread
that they said were so healthy and so clean.
Tartrazine (tart-tra-zeen) yellow no. 5.
Kraft Mac and cheese made with crushed bugs
until they took away this dye.
"But we're doing so much! "The companies said
We took away the things that were poisoning
your bread.
But what about those other chemicals that were
used in their stead.
Butylated hydroxyanisole (buoot- I-later-hahy-
still found in potato chips
and petroleum products.
It gave animals tumors but they're keeping in the
Along with the skeletons that they're keeping from
I know enough to look up what's in my food.

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