You Are What You Eat

Sticks and stones will break my bones unless I consume some calcium.
Milk and dairy will give me this, and bananas will give me potassium.
But what if they don't taste good? What if I want a treat?
I have to remember the words to live by: you are what you eat.
When you eat too much pizza, or indulge in loads of ice cream,
You'll get heart disease, or diabetes, which is just as extreme.
I know sometimes they're hard to resist. Yes, it's quite a feat.
But try to stay strong and chant to yourself, "You are what you eat."
Our food choices can be shaped by habits, or cultural perception.
But choosing unhealthy eating routines has an obesity implication.
There are healthy foods that can be salty, and/or sweet
So out with those fatty foods, because you are what you eat.
I know that some have negative associations to certain types of food.
And I know that sometimes people eat based on their current mood.
But I'm going to impart some wisdom now, so hang onto your seat.
Being strong means eating right, since you are what you eat.
Some say, "If I exercise, I can eat junk and still look good."
But running after eating donuts? You won't pass your neighborhood.
Fight the temptations, with yourself you must compete.
Because after all, what I've been repeating, you are what you eat.
So what I'm trying to say is always take care of yourself.
Be who you want to be, instead of an imitation of someone else.
Your body is your home, so it you should not mistreat.
A healthy body is a healthy mind, so yes, you are what you eat.

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