You Are With Me

I miss you more with every day that passes. Sometimes I feel your presence as though you are with me as I walk through this field of high grasses.
I lay here, close my eyes and feel the wind pass me by.
I hear the leaves rustle in the trees and I feel the earth beneath me. You are with me.
The scent of the wild flowers awaken me and the sun beams down leaving a glow as if to show me you are with me.
I close my eyes once again in hopes my dreams of you will soon set in.
As time goes by, darkness closes in. I awake to the dreadful feeling of abandonment. You were gone.
Your sunshine when you smiled, the beauty in the sound of your song. It was gone.
As I walk through the valley, avoiding shadows of the night, I feel a presence, but it's nothing more than fright.
My tears start to flow, I can't shake this overwhelming feeling of being lost, cold and alone.
As I get closer to home, I see the light shining brightly on the porch.
I open the door and immediately feel the warmth of the fire burning on a bed of coals.
As the lights come on and the shadows disappear, I get this feeling that I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be. I'm home and I'm not alone. You are with me. You were with me as I walked through the field of high grasses. You were with me each time the wind passes. I felt you with me when the leaves rustled their song in the trees and the wild flowers surrounded me.
You were with me in the dark guiding me to the light of the porch. You brought me home. And as I lay here in bed, I remember your smile, your laughter and the beauty in your song. I realize now that you never left because in my heart, you are with me.

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