You Are Your Own Person

You are your own person, you were born that way.
You grew up, and now have your own style and taste.
Why do you need to adjust to someone else's habitat?
If they don't like the way you do things, they will have to deal with that.
Who cares if they don't like your clothing, or your choice of shoes?
You shouldn't.
That's right, tell them to continue on with their life.
You have to fit in with the world.ha. Yeah, right.
There's not even a small chance that you might.
You are your own person, you probably don't need to be told.
You don't need to buy the new Iphone, because everyone else has one of those.
You don't need an expensive pair of shoes each week, that's a waste of money to you.
Isn't it? Jeez.
Why do you need to keep up with the world
and have the newest electronics and clothing?
Everyone wants to be"down" or whatever word they use now.
They want to be like everyone in their little groups and towns.
I'm not your average person, is your response to it all.
You are your own person, I like that.
Goodbye now.

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