You Call Me

By Eric D   

You call Me Master, but choose not to obey,
Read My words, but ignore what I say,
You call Me the truth, but choose not to speak Me,
Only in peril, do you decide to seek Me
You call Me the Way, but will not let Me lead you,
And rather hunger, than allow Me to feed you,
You call Me the Light, but choose not to see Me,
Until it is dark, you feel you do not need Me,
You call Me Life, but choose not to live Me,
And make your own interpretations, on what credit to give Me,
You call Me wise, but choose not to listen,
The number is countless, on the messages you are missing,
You call Me gracious, but choose not to trust Me,
And ignore the signs, of what the obvious must be,
You call Me mighty, but choose not to fear Me,
You take My name in vain, and do it sincerely,
You call Me noble, but choose not to serve Me,
And often prove, you do not deserve Me,
You call Me just, but openly shame Me,
So if I condemn, how can you blame Me?
Make no mistake, I am above you,
But despite all this truth, I still love you.

Eric D.

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