You can break barriers

You can break barriers, you can break the glass ceiling
You can reach for the stars, and touch the clouds
Don't let anyone put you down, Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t
don't hold back
You're destined for greatness, don't be afraid to attack

The society may try to stop you, but you hold the keys in your hand
Unlock the door to your potential, set yourself free
You're capable of anything, there's no limit to what you can accomplish
Just take that first step, and your dreams you can capture

Be bold, be brave, believe in yourself
There's no obstacle too big, no wall too tall
It's up to you to break those barriers of glass ceiling standing in your way to rise above it all

So go ahead and pave your own path
You can amuse the world, make a lasting impact
You have the power, you have the strength
You can break barriers, and go to any level.

So take the leap, chase your dreams
The world is yours, you'll hear it in an echo
You can do anything, you can break all chains
You can shatter walls, you're the increment weather of change.

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