You Can Move Mountains

A weary man walked on sinuous roads.
“To where do you go?” The Lord his God spoke.
“To you, Lord, I go; please help with my loads.”

“I will, but tell me, why does your path wind?”
“Mountains beset me; there is no straight line.”
“Have a little faith; the right road you’ll find.”

“Dark reigns, light has fled; searching is useless.”
“Your hills hide my light; thrust them from your sight.”
“Are these mountains mine; are these hills my mess?”

“Yours they are indeed: walls built up by sin,
Habits you still keep, hatred you withhold.”
“You said you’d forgive, yet still they’re within?”

“And still I forgive; but you will not cease.
By my forgiveness, you path leads to me;
By your waywardness, your path finds no peace.”

“Lord, what can I do? How can I find rest?”

“Say to the mountains, ‘Be thrown in the sea.’
Say to your hatred, ‘Love is always best.’
Say to those habits, ‘Forever leave me.’
Say to your great sin, ‘Christ has won the test.’

Strong will you faith be; straight will your road be.
Let loose your burdens; you need not worry.
Christ has defeated, he will be your light.
Your sins I tossed to the depths of the sea.”

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