You Cannot Take What Is Mine

my land was golden blessed by gods, untouched by greedy hands
inhabited by the most beautiful souls, ignorant and naive
we welcomed you, we did not know your culture
yet we welcomed it, like you we were curious
unlike you we did not feel threatened
quite odd since you came looking for us
we were a code you could not decipher
so you opened us up, disappointed to find out we were like you
you threw us out
Did you take us just because you could
because you knew you we could not defend ourselves
you took us to use and to abuse
why tell me to go back to where i am from when you dragged me here
why tell me to stay in my place when you brought me into your space
yet i am puzzled that you find a striving Africa to be such a threat
we are like fish to you a source of nourishment
you think you are gods but do not forget we are your ambrosia
you drained us dry,we stand broken destabilized now
thanks to you we accept your colored paper in exchange for diamonds
you realize those are only stones that you value by its measure
we refuse to give you the real treasure
that you took forcefully before, but natural selection is alive
the biggest predator that over eats will die
nature will restore itself, we will not only live on
We will survive
You cannot take what is mine

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