You Can’t Fix Stupid

I'm such a fool
For the things I've done.
I've done them so long;
I know I'm wrong.
I am just grateful
You are so strong.
Thank you for loving me,
And being there when I'm gone,
My head in the clouds,
Sometimes all the day long.
At times, just buzzed,
Others, I'm loopy.
I'm sorry, honey;
You can't fix stupid!

I want your forgiveness
And, always, your love.
With you in my nest,
Like two turtledoves.
For I would be lost
Without you in my life.
I'm really so proud
That you are my wife.
Don't quite know how,
Or even, know when,
But someday soon
You will always grin.
And you, too, will be proud
That I am your man!

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